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            GIVI offers numerous high-quality motorcycle back rest pads for both the rider at the handlebars and for their passenger. GIVI’s meticulously made motorcycle back rest pads are weather-resistant and are designed for long-lasting good looks. The GIVI range of motorcycle back rests include ones that directly attach to the top case and ones that standalone for bikes without a top case or a tail rack. A motorcycle passenger backrest pad provides added comfort and security for the passenger when traveling two-up, giving the passenger something to recline against while riding. Adding a motorcycle driver backrest provides welcomed lumbar support and reduced fatigue on longer rides. The range of motorcycle back rests for the GIVI top cases are carefully shaped to match the contours and style of each model of GIVI case. They seamlessly integrate with the top case, adding to the good looks and style of each trunk model. The motorcycle backrest cushion is made from high-quality injected polyurethane foam that is covered with vinyl or synthetic leather that can stand up to the toughest of riding conditions. Some of the motorcycle back rest pads have textured patterns or decorative stitching, while others have a subtle GIVI embossed logo. To mount the motorcycle passenger backrest pad to the top case, the lid of the case needs to be drilled. Detailed instructions and hardware are included, as is a template for drilling the holes. The mounting screws come with sealing rings to ensure rain does not get inside the trunk. Many of the backrests that come with detachable luggage carriers are an easy bolt-on piece and have ultra-strong steel supports that double as a passenger backrest and a place for attaching soft luggage. GIVI has motorcycle back rests to fit a wide range of motorcycles and scooters that not only increases comfort while riding, but also adds a polished, more luxurious appearance to the motorcycle.

            Back Rest Pads

            E207 BACK REST PAD FOR E46


            E235S BACK REST PAD FOR V58


            E233S BACK REST PAD FOR ALA44


            E234S BACK REST PAD FOR C30


            E208S BACK REST PAD FOR ALA56


            E197 BACK REST PAD FOR E300


            E196 BACK REST PAD FOR E340


            E84 BACK REST PAD FOR E450


            E79 BACK REST PAD FOR E460


            E95S BACK REST PAD FOR V46 E52


            E176 BACK REST PAD FOR B29 B330


            E68 BACK REST PAD FOR E36 E45


            E195 BACK REST PAD B32


            E173 BACK REST PAD FOR OBKN42


            E172 BACK REST PAD FOR OBKN58


            E164 BACK REST PAD FOR DLM30 DLM46

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