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            Take advantage of your top case's height and increase visibility to others on the road with a motorcycle brake light kit from GIVI. Installing extra brake lights for motorcycles can vastly improve safety for the rider and the passenger. The addition of the GIVI LED light kit to the top case places a bright light in a higher, more prominent location that is more readily seen by following motorists. And they can be more easily spotted than the sometimes-inconspicuous stock motorcycle rear tail light. The motorcycle rear lights on the top case especially makes the motorcyclist more conspicuous while waiting at a stop light and auxiliary aftermarket motorcycle LED tail lights can alert other vehicles that the bike is slowing down in congested traffic. The extra brake lights for motorcycles traveling in groups has the added advantage of alerting fellow riders that a turn or a stop is impending. Extra brake lights for motorcycles while traveling in low visibility conditions, such as rain and fog, is especially critical for being seen by other motorists while on the road. GIVI motorcycle brake light kits are available for compatible GIVI top cases and the motorcycle brake light kits are case specific. The GIVI brake lights kits are exactly that: they only work as stoplights, not as running lights or as indicator lights. The majority of the kits use the latest in LED light technology, while a handful of GIVI motorcycle brake light kits use traditional incandescent bulbs. The motorcycle brake light kit is styled to perfectly integrate with the GIVI top case. The weatherproof, durable lights are aesthetically pleasing, matching the contours and lines of the top case. Every compatible GIVI top case is ready to accept these lights, and each includes a guide to hold the wiring and a pre-cut hole at the bottom for the connector—just punch out the pre-cut hole to install the connector. The GIVI motorcycle brake light kit comes complete with everything needed for installation. The connecting switch is made of two parts: one contact stays at the bottom of the case and is fully sealed to prevent leaking. The other goes to the mounting plate. The GIVI LED light kit is spring-loaded and the top case can still be removed and re-attached to the plate without having to disconnect or re-connect the lights.

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