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              An extensive range of GIVI windsceens and accessories for the KTM 390 Adventure motorcycle are now available from GIVI USA. The GIVI KTM Adventure 390 accessories collection includes hard cases, saddle bags, engine guards, soft luggage, tank bags, side-stand foots, rear-wheel spray guards, windscreens and more. GIVI is world-renowned as the leader in motorcycle and scooter detachable hard cases and side cases that are manufactured following the strictest of quality standards. There are numerous GIVI panniers to fit the 390 Adventure, such as the Monokey or Monolock cases. The top-of-the-line Monokey series are highly durable, water-resistant and lockable cases. The Monokey hard luggage use GIVI's patented and innovative Monokey locking system that provides the convenience of using just one key to lock and unlock the case and also remove it from its mounting plate. The GIVI Monokey system has the added convenient option of matching all of the GIVI cases on your KTM 390 to the same key. Just like the Monokey line, the GIVI Monolock case system uses the same key for unlocking and locking the case. The lighter-duty Monolock setup is better suited for riders who don’t need to carry as much, such as the commuter or minimalist traveler. Bike-specific kits for mounting the numerous GIVI 390 Adventure panniers are available, as are rear racks for adding a top case. The GIVI Retro Fit fastening system takes flexibility to a whole new level for the 390 Adventure. It enables the motorcyclist to mount a pair of side cases on either the GIVI PL or PLR pannier holders that are specifically designed for the Monokey system. Adding one of GIVI’s tank bags from the KTM Adventure 390 accessories collection keeps the essential items within easy reach. GIVI has tank bags to suit the storage needs of every rider, from compact bags to massive ones that expand, in both soft versions or rigid ones. For added security of your valuables, GIVI has the innovative Tanklock tank bag system, which enables the tank bag to be secured to a motorcycle-specific flange mounted to the fuel cap using a secure lock. The Tanklock bag can be attached and detached without a key when desired, but can be locked up when the KTM 390 is left unattended. For the prepared adventure rider, GIVI has durable tool boxes in its 390 Adventure motorcycle accessories line. Tools are at the ready in the water-resistant and lockable case that can be mounted on either side of the bike. The tool boxes can attach with either a model-specific or a universal mounting kit. In addition to the vast collection of GIVI cases and panniers for the KTM 390 Adventure, GIVI has a wide range of windscreens and accessories to enhance the capabilities of the KTM 390 Adventure. Upgrade the compact KTM dual-sport to a longer-range touring machine with one of GIVI’s Adventure 390 windscreens that provides ample protection from the wind and weather. The stylish replacement Adventure 390 windscreens—in transparent and tinted options—have precision-cut aerodynamic shapes that eliminate turbulence and add to the enjoyment of the ride. Outfitting the KTM 390 Adventure bike with a taller or wider windscreen gives increased protection from the elements for year-round riding and also drastically reduces fatigue on long-distance or windy rides. GIVI’s KTM 390 Adventure motorcycle accessories collection also includes engine guards and skid plates to protect vulnerable components. The engine guard is made from robust, one-inch steel tubing that is powder-coated black to match the rugged looks of the KTM 390. The sturdy aluminum skid plate broadens the travel possibilities for the KTM 390 by providing a barrier to the engine, headers and oil pan from harsh road and trail conditions. The GIVI side-stand foot in the GIVI KTM 390 Adventure parts collection widens the footprint of the KTM 390 Adventure to keep it more stable when parked on soft surfaces, such as hot asphalt or loose gravel. GIVI has spotlights and fog light kits to brighten up the dark roads and trails for the KTM 390 Adventure. The GIVI 390 Adventure motorcycle full accessories collection has everything needed to outfit KTM's compact adventure bike for better storage, convenience and comfort that suit your taste and style, whether it’s a daily commute, a blast through the canyon, or an epic journey.

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              RP7711 SKID PLATE




              TL7711KIT TOOL BOX FIT KIT




              LS7711 FOG LIGHT MOUNT KIT


              RM7711KIT REAR HUGGER FIT KIT


              ES7711 SIDESTAND FOOT


              BF51 TANKLOCK TANK RING


              D7711KIT WINDSHIELD FIT KIT


              SR7711 SPECIFIC REAR RACK




              7710DT SPECIFIC SCREEN


              7710D SPECIFIC SCREEN SMOKED

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