The GIVI of today is a realization of a vision that has taken shape over the years. The amalgamation of Italian design, a strong technological attitude and a great knowledge of specific materials.

It is the development of this quality idea that caused a small factory in Brescia to grow to the magnitude and global fame the company has today, now with more than 150 employees in the production centers in Italy, Europe and the United States.

GIVI continues to be driven by the motivation and determination experienced on the very first day. This philosophy has brought to life the project HPS (Head Protection System) which has allowed the company to enter into the helmet market with a "mission" founded in protection. True diligence and care that have translated into the introduction of technological solutions that are extremely functional, detailed and offer maximum reliability.

At the root of all GIVI products, from the smallest accessory to the top of the range helmet, there are always two inseparable elements: the most innovative technology and the recognized quality of being hand made in Italy.

In the United States GIVI Motorcycle Accessories is the leader in motorcycle and scooter hard detachable cases and side cases as well as offering a specialized range of soft luggage solutions, windshields, engine guards and other associated products.

GIVI USA Inc. opened its doors in Charlotte NC in 1996 and then further expanded in 2008 to an additional west coast facility in Reno NV. With over 2,500 dealers across the nation, GIVI USA Inc can offer an extensive range of GIVI products to any where in the United States in 3 business days.