With the beautiful ledge of the Venetian lagoon shimmering in the background of the Grand Gala, 330 guests arrived from well over 43 countries around the world to celebrate this event with the owners of the brand, the Visenzi family.

Thirty-five years at the service of motorcyclists, truly an important anniversary to remember in a special way.

Givi shared its acclamation with its historic clients and the firms and personnel who, while working with great passion, have made the achievement of this extraordinary status possible, a status which sees the Givi Company as a consolidated industrial reality present in all continents and worthy to bear the badge "Made in Italy".

This accolade is a true tribute to the assets and activities of the Visenzi family whose drive by one passion that has been carried out with great competence and seriousness, has provided the company the ability to anticipate the needs and thus subsequently satisfy the expectations of its two wheeled users.

Encompassing 35 years of this activity (Givi born in 1978) the ownership wanted "to put the emphasis" on the road traveled. To crown this anniversary, the Givi Grand Gala was held at the Hilton Molino Stucky located on an island called Giudecca, a small island separated from the historical center of Venice by a canal, a prestigious hotel that was once a very active mill restored with great care to maintain its magnificent neo-gothic architecture.

Throughout the event the 330 guests from 43 countries enjoyed revelations of the Visenzi family's path to greatness through interviews, prize-giving sessions, interesting show moments and other pleasant surprises.

Also during this event, Givi acknowledged relations with some of their long term importers and collaborators (dare we say a very long relationship) with the presentation of a plate to commemorate the occasion.

Memorable was the performance of the percussionist Leo Di Angilla (he has always been recognized as one of the best Italian drummers who has worked with: Jovanotti, Mike Patton, Tiziano Ferro, Elisa, Ornella Vanoni, Gemelli Diversi, Roy Paci e Aretuska, J-Ax, Anna Oxa, Arto Moreira, Ricky Gianco, Andrea Braido and Marco Paolini) that provided an amazing show utilizing a unique set of percussion instruments...not one of congas, timbales, tom toms and bongos but instead one of side cases and top-cases, fitting plates and helmets... these last ones worn by dancers which had to keep pace with dance steps.

Much appreciated was the greetings set forth by the Honda LCR Team of the MotoGP who were present in full force and lead by the team manager Lucio Cecchinello , along with rider/pilot Stefan Bradl, considered the best newcomer of the mass category in 2012 and among the best riders of the actual championship.

Pressured forth by the presenter, the LCR Team graciously talked about motorcycles, rankings, competitionsand circuits...all subjects very dear to Mr. Giuseppe Visenzi.

And yes, the owner of Givi was in his time a professional rider/pilot as well before taking on the job of entrepreneur. On the track he has collected several worldwide successes and has been confirmed as one of the strongest private pilots of that decade. In 1969 while riding the Yamaha 350, he acquired his first world podium... when he was 28.

In order to highlight the evening, remind him of his past and the path to where we are, Mr. Visenzi was presented a beautiful book (made without his knowledge, with the aid of his wife Whilelmina and sons Vincenzo and Hendrika) which traces his life: delivered through the experiences on motorcycles, in the 60s, and later with GIVI through to the present day.

Taking the responsibility of concluding this chronicle event, Giuseppe Visenzi spoke briefly with reverence: "I've given my best years to the motorcycle world, a choice made only for dedication. The motorcycle is freedom, emotion and a dream. So thanks to all of you who have agreed to follow this path in the world with us."